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Over one hundred and twenty guests gathered at The Oriental Club, Stratford House, to celebrate Mulan Foundation Network 2017 Annual Awards and Reception. Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network Mei Sim Lai OBE DL is on the Committee of the Club and it was great that we are able to hold this event at such a prestigious venue.

The Board of Trustees congratulate all the winners of 2017, and greatly look forward to more Chinese women coming forward to be recognised for their achievements in the future. We strongly believe that there is so much that Chinese women can offer to other Chinese women and the societies and business communities in which they live.

Award for Business & International Banking 

Winner - Datuk Yvonne Chia 


Yvonne is an award winning senior international banker for over 30 years. She was named as one of Forbes Asia’s “50 Businesswomen in the Mix” in 2013. She is also Chair of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia and Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad. 

Yvonne was the first female to become CEO of any Malaysian Bank in January 1996. She is currently the CEO of Shell Re ning Company in Malaysia. 

Her record of excellence and value creation has transformed the banks that she has led. Her strong leadership and industry expertise have seen her achieve exceptional and sustainable growth market position within a highly competitive environment. 

She is an in uential woman business leader and a rm believer that everyone can lead meaningful lives in whatever they choose and are passionate about. 

Award for Community Arts & Culture 

Winner - DJ Alice Yu 


(from left to right: Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, The Hong Kong and Economic Trade Office London officer Jieli Du, DJ Alice Yu)

DJ Alice is a radio presenter who hosts a daily show called Chinese Spectrum between 5pm and 8pm time. e radio show broadcasts music, current affairs and discussion about British-Chinese community issues in Mandarin and Cantonese. 

In 1991, Alice’s work on Spectrum Radio was featured in the reading comprehension paper in the London East Anglian Group GCSE Chinese Examination. With a teaching background in English herself, DJ Alice has helped many immigrant children from Hong Kong, China and India ease into the English education system. 

In 2006, Alice started the Chinese Youth Radio project with the objective to train the younger generation from the British Chinese community in radio and presenting skills and to guide them towards a career in the media. She is delighted to see her students acquire jobs in the media industry in Hong Kong, China and the Far East. 

Alice has won the Asian Media Group’s GG2 Inspire Award 2017 which recognises outstanding work in the community that has served to inspire young people. 

Award for Business and Enterprise 

Winner - Angel Xue 


(from left to right: Angel Xue, Chairman of TB Arts & Craft Yan Hong)

Angel is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Angeleye. 

Despite humble beginnings Angel is now a successful fashion entrepreneur. Her garments showcase a unique analysis of upcoming fashion trends which are produced within budgetary means and marketed at appropriate pricing points for her customers. 

Designed in London, manufactured in China and then sold to top retailers globally is one way Angel seeks to connect and support East and West and beyond. 

Angel has a very special way of nurturing her team’s talents and fostering a friendly atmosphere and it is her down-to-earth leadership skills and positive spirit that have paved her success. 

Her exceptional clientele include: Superdry, Debehams, Next, ASOS, Littleblackdress.com and many other highly established retail and fashion brands. 

Highly Commended - YingMei Quan 


(left: Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, middle: YingMei Quan)

YingMei is a Business Partner and Director at Welsh & Jeffries, military tailor to the Prince of Wales, based at 20 Savile Row. She is the only ever Chinese female winner of the Savile Row Golden Shears Awards, which YingMei received in 2011, equivalent to the Oscars of the tailoring world. 

As a result of YingMei’s contributions and infuences, the house at Welsh & Jeffries has entered a new age and is becoming known for its strong female client and Chinese client base. YingMei has successfully broke into the male dominated tailoring trade on London’s Savile Row when she became what is believed to be the first Chinese female master cutter to work in the home of luxury and bespoke tailoring. She has been instrumental in developing the Chinese market. 

Truly an inspiring tailor’s tale. 

Award for Arts & Culture 

Winner - Dr Xu Zhou 


(from left to right: Dr Xu Zhou, Thomas Heatherwick CBE)

Dr Zhou is a teacher and Founder of Uprising Chinese Academy. Located at Canary Wharf, the academy offers quality art courses including Chinese traditional art categories such as Sinology enlightenment, calligraphy, seal carving, Chinese painting, Chinese zither performance, Chinese traditional string plucked musical instrument, flute, tea ceremony and others. 

Dr Zhou has greatly contributed to the dissemination of Chinese traditional arts and culture in the UK. Her teaching methods promote cultural transmission and communication, such as, in learning calligraphy skills her students also walk away with an introduction of Chinese aesthetic and cultural history. 

Dr Zhou has offered opportunities for the Chinese community to inherit their own tradition, yet at the same time, she has cultivated interest in the Chinese culture amongst those British students she teaches, thereby enhancing a shared cultural presence in China and the UK. 

Award for Social Enterprise & Young Achiever 

Winner - Bonnie Chiu 


(left: Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, middle: Bonnie Chiu)

Bonnie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lensational and Managing Director of e Social Investment Consultancy. Lensational is a global social enterprise which equips marginalised girls and women with cameras, photography training and a platform to sell their images such as to Getty Images, Wellcome Images and Colgate. e Social Investment Consultancy is a London based social change strategy consultancy with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Milan aimed at helping charities and corporate rms maximise their social impact. 

Bonnie’s focus in life is to steer social change by inspiring business leaders of tomorrow to direct their attention to social responsibility and to see beyond just the pro ts. She is dedicated to creating a world where regardless of ethnicity, gender, class or other differences, everyone stands to have a fair chance in life. Bonnie is particularly keen to challenge gender stereotypes and ultimately remove cultural boundaries that inhibit women’s empowerment. 

Bonnie has been awarded several prizes, including Forbes “30 Under 30 Europe: Social Entrepreneurs” in 2017, Young Achiever at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards in 2016 and the Hong Kong Youth Service Award, also in 2016. 

Award for Education & Science 

Winner - Dr Rongrong Chen 


(left: Dr Rongrong Chen)

Dr Chen has worked for King’s College London for 20 years. During this period she has taught different courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students and has completed many research projects. 

Through Dr Chen’s keen endeavours to link universities between China and the UK, Sino- British Joint Pharmaceutical Laboratory was established. is is a good collaboration between King’s College London and Guizhou Medical University in China. Dr Chen has supervised a number of students at her Laboratory from Guizhou Medical University. 

Many of Dr Chen’s charitable fundraising efforts are aimed at and result in helping schools in China. 

Award for Healthcare & Tackling Health Inequalities 

Winner - Dr Etheldreda Kong 


(left: Chairman of Mulan Foundation Network Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, middle: Dr Etheldreda Kong)

Dr Kong is a long-serving GP with special interest in sexual and reproductive health, diabetes, children’s health and minor surgery. She is the Chair of NHS Brent Clinical Commissioning Group since 2011, and is the first Chinese woman to take on such role. 

Dr Kong has an in-depth understanding of the health and social care needs of Brent residents and focuses her efforts in achieving a reduction in health inequalities in the borough. 

She is the clinical lead on Brent’s primary care transformation, workforce and Organisation Development (OD) transformation, Integrated Urgent Care, Whole Systems Integrated Care and Better Care Fund. 

She has dedicated her life in helping others through her involvement with different projects and steering groups which have made signi cant and positive impact for local residents. 

Dr Kong has also been extremely supportive of the deaf community. In her words: “Being deaf shouldn’t be a barrier to playing a full and active role in our community. Around one in six people across the UK are affected by hearing loss in some way so to exclude them is a huge waste of talent and potential”. Dr Kong advocates integration, inclusiveness and equality. 


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