Anna was born in Wales and made history by being the youngest athlete to compete in any sport in the Commonwealth Games at 11 playing table tennis. Since the age of five she has dedicated herself to table tennis and experienced many great victories as well as defeat and disappointment.

Anna helped team Wales achieve their best results in Table Tennis getting to the quarter finals of the Commonwealth Games in April 2018, where the commentator noted ‘Anna was the best player on the table’

Since July 2019, now aged 13-14, Anna has sacrificed being at home in Cardiff, to continue her training, in Tianjin, China. She fits in her GCSE studies around this training. Anna’s goal is to play at the Olympics, competing with the best in the world. She has committed herself to be in the best position to do this for France 2024.



Lucy XU (Xiaying) - WINNER

Lucy is a British – Chinese entrepreneur based in London but from Hunan province, China. She came to London to study in 2001, initially accountancy but changed to a beauty treatment course, run by Ray Cochrane. Through hard work, to support herself while she studied, she opened her first clinic in a basement of a hairdressers in Nottinghill Gate 10 years ago. Since then she has developed her business, Premier Laser & Skin, into a chain of eight clinics, in London & Surrey with nearly 70 employees. She bought her previous training school, Ray Cochrane Beauty school in 2013. She has achieved all this incurring no debt, through hard work & determination.

As a true entrepreneur she has expanded her business portfolio into residential & commercial property and has investments in the Film and Arts industries and will open her first Dental Clinic in 2020, in London. 

Premier Laser & Skin was voted one of the top 3 Aesthetics Clinics in the UK and Ireland for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018




Jung Chang is a Chinese born British writer now living in London, best known for her family autobiography, Wild Swans which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Her biography of Mao Zedong, Mao: The Unknown Story was written with her husband, the Irish historian Jon Halliday was published in June 2005. In October 2013, Chang published a biography of Empress Dowager Cixi, a book described by Simon Sebag Montefiore as: "…filled with new revelations, it’s a gripping and surprising story of an extraordinary woman in power, using Chinese sources, totally untapped by western books…”

Chang left China in 1978 to study in Britain on a government scholarship, staying first in London. She later moved to Yorkshire, studying linguistics at the University of York. She received her PhD in linguistics from York in 1982, becoming the first person from the People's Republic of China to be awarded a PhD from a British university.

Her latest book, Jung Chang, Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister has been described by the New York Times as “a deeply researched …and a riveting read”

Her books have allowed the world to understand better China’s tumultuous C20th history.





May Au was born in Hong Kong but now working in the UK.

She is an accomplished dancer and dance educationalist specialising in traditional Chinese and contemporary dance. She has performed all over the world including at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.She graduated from the Hong Kong Academy of Performance Art and has a dance teaching qualification from Australia. She has taught dance at dozens of dance academies, inspiring and nurturing many students as well as demonstrating her talent and skills in many theatrical performances.

She founded Greensco, a dance school to teach dance education and host dance performances. The programmes include teaching the Chinese community and the wider public to express their emotions through dance and allowing for social integration, spiritual and physical well-being for many who are unable to express themselves through other means of communications.


Contribution to the Community

Leona Wing Heng LEUNG - WINNER

Leona was born in Birmingham and has been recognised as a Birmingham Community Champion and has been honoured with the Good Citizen/Neighbour of the Year award from her local council

To help others in her community who wished to explore their Chinese heritage and to integrate both British and Chinese cultures for all ages, she set up a school to learn both Chinese and English and understand more about Chinese culture. She also set a non-profit community school, United Education, for low income families from all backgrounds to receive extra Maths and English support

She founded Chinese Active Citizens UK to inspire and help the Chinese community volunteer and invest in local projects where help is most needed and to speak in their local area what they want to change.
She campaigned for direct flights between the Midlands and China resulting in direct flights between Birmingham and Beijing and for Birmingham to the Commonwealth games in 2022. She is currently working with various councils, housing groups and landlord associations to improve local standards and working with the Home Office to raise awareness of modern slavery.

Leona is a business woman working in the property and travel sectors.



Zoe has spent 43 years working in the public sector and made significant contribution to the community and charitable causes through both her paid work and her voluntary work.

Zoe has always gone beyond brief of her job role in the interests of local people and those who use the services of the organisation she works for. She recognises that feeling respected, valued and able to contribute is what public services should do when working with local community members and charities. She always works in that way that  mean trust and confidence is established. 

Despite a busy job and family life, Zoe has also contributed her skills as a trustee of charities including Richmond Borough Mind; Timebanking UK; Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding. Zoe became Chair of the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding [SACU] in 2009.  She has totally revitalised the Society founded in 1965 that had been strong and active in the 1970s-80s but had become demoralised. The new activities she has introduced, including expanding membership of SACU are entirely based on Zoe’s chairmanship and contributes very positively to Anglo-Chinese understanding.

Contribution to Science

Professor Yang GAO  - WINNER

Yang Gao is Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Surrey as well as Professor of Space Autonomous Systems, Head of STAR Lab (the leading research lab on AI Robotics) at University of Surrey. As a world-renowned AI roboticist, she has made many key scientific findings in the field of robotics and engineering that has made impacts to industrial sectors including space, nuclear and oil/gas. She has undertaken leading roles in the scientific committees of her field and extended her service and contributions to the wider international community.

As a university professor and educator, she has made continuous contributions in educational and public outreach to help nurture and cultivate younger generations to study STEM subjects particularly young girls.  


Mulan Chairman's International Role Model Award

Ms FOO Chi Hsia - WINNER

Ms Foo is a lawyer, a distinguished career diplomat and high-ranking civil servant of the Republic of Singapore.  Since 2014 she has been High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

She was awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2016 for her outstanding service.

 Her significant contributions include: raising the public image of Singapore internationally and with the local community; strengthening ties between Singapore and the UK as well as with other countries in particular, the British Commonwealth and ASEAN countries and building the community spirit and bringing closer together government agencies, businesses, Singapore-affiliated societies and local communities which include Singaporeans and friends of Singapore.